​Sex And The Law Of Attraction

​How To Use Your Mind To Attract Sex Into Your Life

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Have you ever wondered whether there is a way

to attract more sex ?                                                             


I know I have …

I was introduced to the concept of Law Of Attraction since quite an early age , However when it comes to sex I could not ignore the discrepancy between the idea that what we think about manifests our reality and the fact that many people could be indulging in thoughts about sex as well as have sexual fantasies and yet experience very little or no sex in their day to day lives ...


Does the Law Of Attraction actually work ? I asked myself and does it apply to sex life ? or is it that this department somehow got to escape the confines of Law Of Attraction ?


Well … before I will answer this question here is another one that I found myself pondering about many years ago … as a teenage I remember sitting at a shopping mall , surrounded by people and of course girls who caught my interest , I remember wondering if there was a way to somehow be in such a vibe or to somehow use my mind to facilitate the flow of events that could lead to me interacting naturally with attractive girls around me and to have things unfold in such a way that would easily lead to …   sex …

​Law Of Attraction , mmm …

Is a part of it , but more than that a term I like to phrase as : "Mental Communication" , the sum total of our intentions , thoughts , fantasies and many more that makes for our "vibration" ,
And what other people are likely to respond to intuitively , be it online or offline …

But wait , as someone at the early phase of teenage years surely I entertained quite a few sexual fantasies , and that brings us to the other question I presented before , and that is if Law Of Attraction works then …

How come there can be such a gap between the amount of sexual fantasies in one's mind to the amount of sex one experiences …

or the lack of it … ? So here is part of the answer , In the course I get into a lot of details about that one , but here it is in a few sentences :

Before We Talk About The Attraction Part

​First ,  the amount of negative and repelling thoughts one might entertain ...

can amass to subdue the more attractive ones ,


It can sometimes be very obvious such as when someone complains about how his or her "sex life suck" but can also be far more complex and subtle to the point where it would take a much deeper probing to find out the "repelling thought" .

Second , not all fantasies are created equal , in the search to vent some sexual built up one might engage in a fantasy that has a "low quality" , meaning that it could be a fantasy that perhaps consists of seeing a mental image of a member of the preferred sex naked or having sex and perhaps , that's it … well I found that there are so many ingredients that could be missing in a fantasy that although might be an enjoyable one , missing these ingredients could make it a fantasy of very little value as far as Law Of Attraction and the idea of "Mental Communication" concerns .

A fantasy that can achieve that and promote the mental message that communicates that one is a sexual being that is willing to enjoy sex in his or her life requires quality , and details as well as preferably aspects that pertain to how humans actually communicate , which includes much more than just appearing naked as if out of nowhere and have sex with no steps in between like in a "low quality fantasy" ,

In the course I dedicate two chapters just on that , with exercises that explain how to at least create a fantasy that is of a "good quality" and with a little investment of time a "high quality" fantasy .

You might actually be someone who naturally has a very good visualization skill , if that is the case then … good … you will be able to put the visualization part in the book to use right away ,


If not then I will walk you through the steps to get there easily , with a bit of practice … and if you take the time to also address the other aspects that relate to improving the way you use your mind , You can upgrade the vibration you have regarding sex and manifest the kind of sex life you wish to experience more easily …


The other aspects ( which I explain about in the books ) are:

Number One :

The Law Of Attraction

Number Two :


Number Three :

Mental Communication

Number Four :

Energy Field

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